My Account

How do I create an account?

You can create an account using your Facebook account, Gmail account, Email or Phone number. Click on the preferred option and follow the instructions to successfully creating your account. If you are experiencing difficulties creating an account, please let us know through

How do I change from kilometers to miles?

To set your distance from kilometer to miles, or miles to kilometers: Go to your personal page (right lower tab) and click on the settings icon in the upper right hand corner. Here, choose "Unit of Measure" and your preferred data (metric or US/English).

How do I change the language?

Runtopia presently offers 6 different languages. To change your app language, go to your personal page (lower right tab) and click on the settings icon in the upper right hand corner. Here, choose "Language" and your preferred language.

I logged out, and I can't find my account?

Please note that you can only log in with the specific long-in method. For example, if you have used Facebook to sign up, you'll need to click on Facebook to log in as well. After trying the different options, you are still unable to access or find your account, please contact us at with your username, email and/or user ID.

How do I set my account to private?

Runtopia offers different privacy settings. To find the privacy settings, please go to your personal page (lower right tab) and click on the settings icon in the upper right hand corner. Choose "Privacy Control" and set any of the privacy settings to your liking. You can set any activities set as private (runs, posts etc), block stranger's messages, or make your account completely private, where other users won't be able to search or view your account.

I don't like that others can see the map on my runs, how can I hide it?

If you don't want to make your account private, but want to protect your privacy of the running maps, you can set your location as invisible. To do so, please go to a running record and open it. Here, you'll see the map and route with the basic data at the bottom. At the right side of the map, there is a small icon of an eye, click on this icon and the map behind the route will disappear. This will enable you to share your runs without sharing your location.

How do I create a club?

To create an online running club, go to your personal page (lower right tab) and scroll down until you can see "My Club". Here, click on "Request to Create a Club". You'll need to add a profile picture, club name and club description. After the information has been added, just click on "Done". Your club will be either approved or declined within a few days of submitting. If your club has not been approved within a week of submitting, please contact us through the app's Feedback section or through

GPS & Data

How do I delete a run?

If you wish to delete a running route, please note that this will completely deleted from your account. To delete, go to your personal page (lower right tab) and click on "Activity History". Once you find the data you wish to delete, swipe your finger left on top of that data. A red trash can icon will appear: click on this to delete.

Why is my running distance/running route inaccurate?

If your running distance or running route looks inaccurate, please try the following;
1.Make sure your GPS and location settings have been turned ON and to the highest possible settings
2.Turn OFF your power-saving mode on your phone's settings
3.Make sure you have given Runtopia permission to use your location
4.FOR iOS, make sure you have enabled Motion & Fitness settings for Runtopia
5.Make sure you have downloaded the latest update of Runtopia
If you are still experiencing inaccuracies after trying these steps, please contact us through the app's Feedback or through

Can I edit my run?

Unfortunately there is no feature which enables you to edit a run manually, as there are various elements and factors that affect this outcome.

What devices are supported?

We currently support connectivity with Garmin devices, Tom Tom devices and Runtopia Reach Shoes. We are working on adding more device connectivities to the app.

How do I transfer my data from my device to the app?

To transfer your running data from your device (please make sure your device is supported by Runtopia), go to your personal page (lower right tab), scroll down and click on "Devices & Gadgets", choose the correct category and device and follow the instructions through your device log-in and synchronization. Once connected to the app, your running data will automatically be transferred from your device to Runtopia. Please note that depending on the third party device, transfers may take up to 24 hours.

How does the auto-pause work?

The auto-pause is a function on the app that enables automatic pauses when you are standing still (not moving). This helps the accuracy of your workout data, when having to suddenly stop mid-run. Once you start moving again, the app will automatically continue tracking your run. You will hear a notification of the auto-pause when paused, and when continued. To enable this function, go to the running page (lower middle tab) and click on the settings icon on the left side of the "Go" button. Slide the auto-pause tab on or off in the settings.

Why can't I share a post?

If you are unable to share a run, this may be due to the running data not saved onto the server. Make sure you have access to a stable network first, and try exiting the app and reopen it again. If you're still unable to share a run, please contact us through the app's Feedback or through

After updating to the new app version, my SPC/steps or other data is missing. What should I do?

First, try restarting and/or downloading the app. If you're still missing data, please contact us through the app's Feedback section along with any specific information to the issue.

Premium Membership

What do I get with the premium membership?

The Runtopia Premium Membership offers an upgraded and more professional running experience. With the Premium Membership, you will receive access to all of our training plans, more detailed analysis of your running data, access cadence metronome for your run, as well as double the daily limit of SPC.

What does the premium membership cost?

The Premium Membership is $3.99 per month or alternatively $29.90 per year. All prices stated are in US dollars and are subject to change.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you'll need to do so through your personal App Store or Google Play account. Please follow the instructions below to edit, change or cancel a subscription.

App Store:
Google Play:


What is SPC?

SPC is a digital currency within Runtopia. You can use SPC to purchase selected items in Runtopia. SPC can be earned by walking, running, completing various SPC tasks and so on.

How do I collect SPC?

You can collect SPC through various ways: daily activity, various SPC tasks, inviting friends, clicking and viewing video ads and more. Please note that these are subject to change at any time by Runtopia.

What can I do with/how can I use SPC?

You can use SPC to purchase in-app offers, from various products, services and coupon codes. Please note that some offers are limited to certain regions.

Who can use SPC?

SPC can be earned by anyone, no matter where in the world. Offers vary from country to country, some are global, some are restricted to certain regions.

What are the daily limits and why do you have them?

Limits have been set to make earning SPC fair to all of our users, as well as control the value of the digital currency. Basic users have a daily limit of 50, premium members have double the basic limit, and premium members who have linked their Runtopia Reach shoes have double the premium limit. Please note that Runtopia has the right to change these limits at any time.

How do I redeem my SPC?

If you have received SPC, but it has not been collected to your total sum, please see the SPC task list. Clicking on any visible coin icons will enable you to redeem the amount into your total SPC pot.

Why are some offers limited to certain countries?

Due to limitations in shipping policies and regulations within certain regions, some products are limited to certain regions. Products marked "Global" are available in all countries.

How long should I wait for a product to be shipped?

Please note that depening on your location, shipping commonly take anywhere from 7-14 business days. If you have not received your product within 14 days of purchase, please contact our customer support at

Why can't my SPC be converted into currency?

Our SPC currency is currently not convertible into currency, you can exchange goods in our SPC store.

Online Race & Events

What is an online race?

An online race is a themed running challenge, with different distance options (commonly 1km, 5km, 10km, half marathon and full marathon). Any user can take part in the offered online races, and complete them by using the app to track the chosen distance (anywhere in the world) within the event time. Participants who have completed the chosen distance of an online race will also be awarded an online race medal.

How do I complete an online race?

To complete an online race, join the race and choose your preferred distance. Please note that you must run at least the distance you have chosen. You can complete the online race anywhere you like, by using the Runtopia app to track your chosen distance within the event time. Please see each event page for detailed information.

What is an online race medal?

When you complete an online race, we will award you with a virtual online race medal. This is to show that you have successfully completed the respective online race. You can view all of your medals on your personal page (lower right tab) under "Medals".

Why didn't I receive the online race medal?

If you haven't received the virtual online race medal, please make sure you have finished your run, and it has successfully downloaded onto the app. Please also pay attention to the required distance and time limitations that an online race may have. You can find this information on the respective online race event page.

How does the 1vs1 challenge work?

The 1vs1 challenge is a running distance challenge between 2 individual runners. You can see all current runners on the Explore Page. To challenge a runner, click on their profile and click "Distance Challenge". You have 24 hours to complete a single run, to determine which runner runs the furthest distance.

Why did I lose the 1vs1 challenge?

The winner of the 1vs1 challenge is chosen based on furthest distance. If you have a further distance but have lost the challenge, this may be due to inaccurate data, which will disqualify you from the challenge. In any unusual situations, please contact us through the app's Feedback or through

Runtopia S1 Smart GPS Sport Watch

My watch failed to pair with the app. What should I do?

1. Check to see that the Bluetooth icon on the watch dial is connected: if it is connected, please confirm whether the watch has been paired to other mobile phones. If it is paired to another phone, please unpair it from the other phone and try again. Apple mobile phone users can confirm whether the Runtopia S1 is connected in the system settings\Bluetooth\My device; if it is connected, please ignore this device.
2. If there are too many Bluetooth devices around, please try pairing in another area.
3. If you have tried the above methods without success, please restart your phone and watch, and try again.

Why can't my watch’s GPS be located?

1. Please confirm that the watch has been upgraded to the latest firmware version.
2. Please confirm that the watch AGPS has been updated, as updating the AGPS will greatly speed up the locating process.
3. Please confirm that the positioning is in an open area. When there are many high buildings around, it will affect GPS signal locating.
4. When locating GPS, please stand still without moving around to speed up locating process.

How to upgrade the watch firmware version?

1. Confirm that the Runtopia APP has been upgraded to the latest version, which can be viewed on Google Play or the App Store.
2. When opening the Runtopia APP with a connected watch, an upgrade reminder notification will be displayed on the app if there is a new firmware version.
3. If there is no upgrade reminder for the new firmware version, you can also click on the “Firmware Version” column on the watch device details page. If there is a new firmware, you will be prompted to upgrade.

How to update AGPS?

1. Confirm that the Runtopia APP has been upgraded to the latest version, which can be viewed on Google Play or the App Store.
2. After opening the Runtopia APP with a connected watch, APGS will automatically update; there will be a prompt after the update has been completed.

Why should I upgrade AGPS frequently?

The position of the satellite changes constantly, therefore, after a period of time the speed of searching for the satellite will become slower. Frequent updates to AGPS can speed the process of the watch locating the satellite. This makes distance and other data calculations more accurate.

Why is the record of outdoor running inaccurate?

1. It may be that AGPS has not been updated, please ensure to update.
2. In any outdoor running, due to uncontrollable reasons such as high-rise buildings and bad weather, the GPS may be temporarily lost during tracking data, which may result in an inaccurate track record.

Why is the record of my heart rate inaccurate?

1. Please confirm that the watch has been updated to the latest version of the firmware.
2. When exercising, please wear the watch tightly on your wrist. If it is worn too loosely on your wrist, it may cause the heart rate to be inaccurate.
3. We are constantly working on optimizing heart rate measurement.

How do I sync the exercise data recorded by my watch to the Runtopia APP?

1. After opening the Runtopia APP with a connected S1 watch, the data will be automatically synchronized; you will receive a prompt after the synchronization has been completed.
2. You can also go to the watch device details page, click on the sync data in the upper right corner; you will receive a prompt after the synchronization has been completed.
Tip: It is recommended to sync data to the Runtopia APP daily, because the more data that is not synced, the longer it will take to synchronize each time. After the synchronization has been completed, the exercise data will be removed from the watch, leaving space for the subsequent data records. Once the watch storage space is used up, it will not be able to continue recording more data.

Why do I have two exercise records from the same run when I turn on my phone and watch?

If the phone and the watch are connected, and you begin recording your run on the watch first and then on on the Runtopia APP, two records will be generated at the same time. When the watch data is uploaded to the Runtopia APP, the APP will deduplicate the data generated from the same time period.
It is recommended that you connect the watch directly to begin exercise from the Runtopia APP. The watch will automatically enter the secondary display mode and collect the heart rate; if you turn on the audio alerts on the APP, you can also receive smart audio guidance. The exercise data is subject to the mobile phone used.

Why is the battery life of the watch unstable during my exercise?

The battery life of the watch during exercise will be affected by the surrounding environment, weather, temperature and other exterior factors. For example, if there are high buildings around or foggy weather, the GPS will automatically have increased signal, making the power consumption higher, and the battery life shorter.
We are also constantly working on optimizing the battery life functions to further improve experience.

What features of the watch can be used separately without connecting to the phone?

Running tracking, heart rate detection, stopwatch, compass and more can be used by the watch alone. Viewing message notifications, call reminders, and more needs the connectivity of the Runtopia APP.

Do I need to keep my phone’s Bluetooth open when wearing the watch?

Intelligent message notification and call reminder function require the mobile phone Bluetooth to be turned on to be used normally, so it is recommended to keep the mobile phone Bluetooth open all the time. The power consumption of Bluetooth is always very small.

What if I don't receive messages and notifications from my phone, Facebook, Twitter etc.?

1. Confirm that the watch and the Runtopia APP are connected.
2. Confirm whether or not you can see texts, facebook, twitter, etc. notifications in the notification bar of your mobile phone. If you can't see it in the notification bar, you need to enable facebook, twitter, and other message notifications in the system settings of your phone.
3. Confirm that the message notification switch on the device details page is enabled; additionally, Android system needs to allow the Runtopia APP to read the notification permission.
4. If you still can't receive the message, you can turn the smart message notification switch off and on again, and try again.
Tip: With an Android phone, it is highly recommended to add the Runtopia APP to the background running whitelist in the battery management of the phone’s settings, to avoid the Runtopia APP being stopped by the system. This would break the Bluetooth connection, resulting in not being able to receive message notifications on the watch.

Can the watch support other sports modes?

At present, the Runtopia S1 watch supports outdoor running and indoor running modes; it will support outdoor walking, indoor walking and cycling in later updates.

Why can't I buy the watch in my country?

Currently sales of the S1 watch are only available in the United States, Canada and Mexico; sales in other countries are being determined for later notice.

Not helpful? Contact us

If you have further questions that have not been answered within the FAQ, please get in touch with Runtopia Customer Support through the Runtopia App/Settings/Feedback or email us at, preferably attaching relevant information, screenshots and images to the feedback.