Smart running shoes that track data your phone can’t, plus realtime coaching to improve your run.


Real Time Feedback

Impact Tracking

Customizable Goals

Ultra Lightweight

Spring Loaded Soles

1 Million + User Community

What makes Runtopia Reach Different?

Smart Sensors Track Data Your Phone Can’t


Better Your run

With Intelligent Movement Analysis, see post-workout analysis with tailored correction tips to better your next run.

All Powered by Advanced Running Shoes

run faster

Ultra Lightweight, spring-loaded smart soles move you forward faster and reduce joint fatigue.

Impact feedback helps you adjust your form for maximized results.

run Longer

Posture monitoring and live feedback for improved energy efficiency.

Promotes increased endurance, enabling you to run longer distances.

run safer

Real-time feedback helps you achieve the optimal stride with every step.

Avoid common running injuries, such as shin splints, stress fractures, and more.

App connectivity offers biometric analysis for better understanding of personal performance.

run topia app

Analyze and track your running goals with the free Runtopia app.

Connects with other runners in your community.

Available on Apple Store Get it on Google Play

run topia app

With the free Runtopia running app, analyze and track your running progress & goals. stay connected with other runners in your community.

Available on Apple Store Get it on Google Play

I spent the whole day walking and running on different terrains all over LA wearing these shoes. They really are super comfortable

Luis Carrasco,

23, Model/Actor

The soles bounce back with each step and the shoes offer extreme support; makes running feel effortless. The tech behind the shoes intrigues me

Danielle Bulgrien,

30, NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Registered Yoga Teacher

Besides being very comfortable, the shoes offer great breathability and are suitable for running in any season. I can’t wait to run my next race in these!

Cherrie Chen,

28, Regional Business Director