Runtopia X3 User Manual

1. Upper button


Next, navigate to the right

Navigate up



Long-press for shortcut

2. Lower button


Back, navigate to left

Navigate down

Start up

3. Touchscreen navigation

Press/tap to choose

Swipe left to navigate right

Swipe right to navigate left

Swipe up/swipe down to navigate

Setting up your long-press shortcut on upper button: Open Runtopia app > Me page > My devices > Runtopia X3 > Long-press Shortcut Settings > Choose the action you wish the watch to jump to when holding down the upper button

To get started with your X3 watch, make sure it has been charged before beginning. Long-press the start button and you will be prompted to open your app to scan the QR code shown on the watch face.

To begin, download the Runtopia app on Google Play or iTunes and create an account. To pair your X3 watch to your Runtopia account, do the following;

Open Runtopia app > Me page > My device > Add device > Runtopia X3 > Follow the instructions displayed on app and watch.

Once the watch has been paired to your Runtopia app, you will be able to sync workout data and make changes to your personal settings.

Make sure to wear your X3 watch snugly on your wrist, a finger width away from the palm. This is to ensure accuracy of heart rate.

The Runtopia X3 will record your daily activity, including steps taken, active calories burned throughout the day and total distance traveled throughout the day. You can view your daily activity on the main screen of your X3 watch.

You can also view your daily activity by swiping left on the touchscreen until coming to the activity data page.

This data will automatically reset after 00:00 each day.

To start a workout, unlock the X3 watch by clicking on the upper right button > click the upper right button again OR swipe left on the touchscreen > Tap on the touchscreen of the watch to select the correct sports mode.

Once you’ve selected the correct sports mode, you can click on it and begin your workout. End the workout by long-pressing the upper right button click “End” on the screen.

To view your workout logbook on the watch, swipe left or navigate using upper button until you come across the workout page, scroll down to Logbook > click in and you will see your recent workouts.

To view more detailed analysis and data of your workouts, sync data to the Runtopia app by opening app (data will automatically transfer when a connection is made), go to history tab > view history based on sports mode (can be changed from tab at far top) > click into a single workout to view detailed data of each workout.

To ensure accuracy and sufficient storage space, we recommend to sync your data to the Runtopia app every few days. To do so, ensure your Bluetooth is connected, open the Runtopia app in proximity to your X3 watch, and the data will be automatically synced to the app.

The X3 watch enables smart notifications, activity reminders and incoming call alerts. These will pop up on the screen, and new notifications can also be viewed on the watch face when sliding down on the touchscreen.

To manage notification settings, open the Runtopia app > Me page > My devices > Runtopia X3 > Scroll down the general settings section, and choose each relevant feature and change ON/OFF accordingly.

You can set timely reminders for sedentary and water reminders under the same section, choose the time frequency you would want for each, starting and ending time, and if you wish to exclude lunch time from reminders.

To use the stopwatch on the X3 watch, swipe left on the touchscreen until coming to the More Function page > Click to enter > Compass. To calibrate your compass, rotate the watch according to the image shown for accurate measurement.

To use the time on the X3 watch, swipe left until coming to the More Function page > Click to enter > Stopwatch

To view and use compass on the X3 watch, swipe left on the touchscreen until coming to the More Function page > Click to enter > Timer

To set an alarm on your X3 watch, Open the Runtopia app > Me page > My devices > Runtopia X3 > Alarm Clock> Set according to personal preference

We recommend you to update AGPS as frequently as possible to ensure accuracy of data tracked by the X3 watch. You will receive reminders on the watch to update the AGPS when needed. To update, ensure you have enabled Bluetooth connectivity, and your phone is connected to a stable Internet connection. Open the Runtopia app within close proximity of the X3 watch and the AGPS will be updated automatically.

The firmware of the watch will be automatically updated when you open the Runtopia app, and have the X3 watch in close proximity.

To manually check firmware’s updates, open Runtopia app > Me page > My devices > Runtopia X3 > Scroll down to Firmware and click open

To change personal settings on the Runtopia app, go to Me page > Settings icon at top right corner > Set profile > Make any adjustments to personal data.

The change in personal settings will be used on your watch to track your workout more accurately after being synced from app to watch. To sync, click Sync at the top right corner on Watch Settings Page. Bluetooth connection is needed to sync the changed data.

To change measurement unit on watch, open Runtopia app > Me page > My devices > Runtopia X3 > Unit of Measure > Choose the unit you prefer to use. Bluetooth connection is needed to make changes.

Please follow the following warnings and care instructions carefully to avoid damage to your device and prolong it’s lifespan;

• Avoid dropping or knocking the device

• Do not use sharp objects to clean, open or handle the device

• Avoid chemical cleaners, solvents or other harsh liquids that may degenerate the device

• Do not store the device in extreme conditions for prolonged periods of time

• Do not submerge the device below 50m water, follow the 5ATM waterproof rating

• Throughly rinse the device with fresh water and wipe with a soft cloth on a regular basis to avoid debris and dirt getting into the device

Product name
X3 Smart Sport Watch
Screen material
JDI translucent screen
Screen glass
Corning Gorilla Glass, 3rd gen
218*218 pixels
Watch size
Battery capacity
Battery type
Lithium-ion polymer battery
Satellite system
GPS (Sony CXD5603)
Charging method
Snap-on magnetic charging
Charging time
Operating temperature
-10 °C-40 °C/ 14°F-104°F
Wireless connection
Bluetooth 5.0BLE version
Implementation standard
GB 4943.1-21011
Standby time
Up to 40 days
Device requirements
Android4.4 and above or iOS 9.0 and above mobile phones.